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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Moon April 10, 2013

A good New Moon to you today! This is such a dynamic time; there is so much going on up in the sky that suggests independent action, making things happen, inspiration, new ideas, breakthroughs, and meeting challenges, that "there's no rest for the wicked," or even for the good.

Here's your musical accompaniment to this Full Moon phase (if not clickable, copy and paste into another tab):

There's such a strong Aries/Mars energy that it may feel as though the only way to resolve things is to bring them to a hot head and then do battle. That's just what we don't need to do. What is needed is to foster understanding. It is a time to act to act with love, a time to act with consideration. There should always be some reason, some sense of right action prior to setting the wheels in motion.

Our cosmic lovers are together in the sky, less than two degrees apart. They are in Aries of me, me, me and the self, but they are together; Venus and Mars together; suggesting that there is a place of harmony, there is a place where decisions can be made that accurately reflect and respect both sides of an issue. The time is now. The time for action is now.

More serious astrobabble begins here. The timing of the New Moon sees it occur at 11:35 PM on the 9th in Hawai'i while on the Mainland the times are for the 10th: 5:35 AM Eastern and 2:35 AM Pacific. As with all New and Full Moon lunar alignments the pull of gravity not only affects the tides but also increases the chance of geologic events (earthquakes and volcanoes). While those aren't guaranteed, these are often times of an increase in the number and strength of those. The Moon crosses over Mars and Venus by seven hours after her conjunction with the Sun the tie-in that I mentioned to Venus/Mars themes. (Venus joined Mars already on the evening of April 6.)

The very powerful Aries theme comes from half of the ten principal astrological factors all in that Sign: Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus; and there is a triggering effect by emphasis on the Sign to the generational Uranus/Pluto square that marks this epoch in history (Uranus is in Aries until 2018-19).


Setting the chart for the White House emphasizes the US/THEM factor and the restlessness for action that comes of all this Aries. Aries is an intrinsic challenge to the Cancer National identity and looks for what's new even at the expense of the homeland (the XL pipeline and fracking come to mind).

There's a sense "the People" are not able to send a clear message to the leaders (if they can be called that) and in a reciprocal fashion it is a challenge for people to get a sense of reliability from the President. The confusion from legislative bodies continues unabated. The pendulum is heavily on the side of the leadership to the expense of those governed. From the leadership standpoint however the crises include trying to communicate with and understand the demands of the public and of open enemies. In a strange parallel, the government dealing with North Korea is much like the government dealing with the public, with public opinion. Chew on that one for a bit. If you can, have some pity for Kim Jong-un and for Congress and the Executive, all feeling a need to act but unable to get a clear sense of what is to be done. The scary part is this call to action that Aries brings. Individually the right choice involves restful connection to inner guidance, compassion, love and beauty. One can only hope and pray that persons with fingers on triggers, whether fiscal and legislative, or overtly military, will be moved by inner guidance rather than a sense of appearing strong via impetuous action.

Fortunately the news enjoys some elements of truth for a change, at least when reporters and whistle-blowers aren't being jailed or pilloried for the secrets they disclose. The fiscal picture remains in a retrograde motion if I can use that word in a non-planetary sense here (not entirely the case but too much to explain). There's more biting the bullet that will go on with the sequester as more of it is felt, and some of it even winds up being embraced as some spending cuts are appreciated (Pentagon?). Finance continues as a lesson area nationally and personally.


The emphasis for the Islands is primarily on the homeland, of the wealth of the earth (which includes the seas). There's a sense of taking action that really needs cooperation to incorporate good ideas with the needs of the people, the constituents. Some of the testing areas are about energy as Hawai'i strives for energy independence. Even the "green" forms of energy generation have their problems. The homeland emphasis also points to a need for environmental protections (air, land, and water). Harm due to antiquated growing practices for sugar cane, and the need to preserve agriculture and jobs while still cleaning up the farming act. That leads further to concerns expressed by many for a non-examined embrace of agriculture that embraces GMO and "Round-up Ready" crops. Other obvious land, property, homeland, and roots concerns revolve around developing sacred lands and with disturbing cultural artifacts and burials as happens with development and on Oahu with constructing the high speed rail.


For this New Moon period, the key is to take action but with concern and balance, with the goal of achieving understanding of and respect for varying viewpoints. We know that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.


April will see a partial lunar eclipse on the 25th. The Lunar Eclipse is more an astrological/astronomical factor than something to look at. The weaker, penumbral shadow of the Earth will clip the moon a bit. It will probably not even be noticeable to most viewers. Astrologically, it's a different story; we will not see the intensity of the times lessen. This probably opens the biggest window of the month for events, geophysical (especially with Moon closest to Earth, perigee, on the 27th) and otherwise. Even as the eclipse happens with Sun, Mars, and Venus in sensual and earthy Taurus, the heat is still there with Venus, Mars, and the Sun within ten degrees of one another (sky-wise that is about the same amount of space as that taken by your fist held out to arm's length). Mars and Venus so near the Sun will not be visible under the Sun's rays. We'll take a look at that in depth later on. For the time being we'll just be aware that there really won't be much of a rest period this entire lunar cycle. The next New Moon is an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 9.


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