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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon March 2013

Full Moon March 2013

I haven't directly connected with many people at this Full Moon but I've noticed some excitement as well as a sense of challenge and frustration in those I have seen. A Facebooker commented that my note that this Moon suggests a need for harmony was met with a bit of understandable skepticism.

The axis of the Full Moon, Moon on one side of the Earth, Sun on the other, is Aries Sun and Moon in Libra. That's ME, Aries, balanced against WE, Libra. The "me side" is tremendously energized and that in itself needs balance. We do better when we are not, or do not feel alone.

What is going on in the astrological picture these days is bigger than huge. I've been writing about this time in current history since the last century, so large are the changes at hand. When I began writing about this time, it was all speculation (on solidly based astrology). Now, we're there, and it's time to move through and WITH the processes at work. The Full Moon is a little thing, but an important link with the big picture. So we have Aries and Libra, the Self and the Other, in an emphasis, during this period of monstrous change, for culture, society, governmental structures, and the very life of planet Earth.

For a success, we start within, Aries, the Self, and bring that self into harmony with the Other, Libra. This is a key to how we need to move through this period of transition, this time of creation of a new world. There are "sides" at work here and what will NOT work is investing heart and body on one side or the other. That's the message of this Full Moon. In order to make it work we have to develop the understanding, and even compassion, for and with the selfish (negative Aries) and the fearful. It should not be missed that the most reactionary, antagonistic, and greedy, are that way primarily out of fear, fear of the Other, fear of change.

Risking (loss) is what Pluto in Capricorn is about. Capricorn is the order, social, governmental, business, religious, and is fundamental to how the world works. It's a reliable and needed thing. It's the difference between explosive chaos, and harmony. It's a good thing, but as it becomes crystallized it needs to be broken up and restructured in order to grow, to progress; and there are forces that will challenge the structure to that end. The planet will offer weather events, earthquakes, and volcanism. The human population will offer Arab Springs, Occupies, democracy, and human rights movements. The structure, that tends to resist change, includes businesses, corporations, and governments. If one looks at human history there are massive changes and developments through the ages. Are we to imagine that somehow this period will be the exception? That if we just hold on, that things will work out?

Astrology is about the perfect harmony that is possible. Every astrological factor has a balancing factor, and enhancements, and supports. With astrology we always have guidance and suggestion. Do we somehow sidestep the chaos that way? Sorry, no. If there's an avalanche, or a tsunami, that may be it, or perhaps not. We cannot predict the outcome as much a get a sense of the territory we will traverse, of the weather (figuratively as well as literally).

A Full Moon is about awareness. Notice the things that have come to the fore with this Full Moon. The Supreme Court is considering the Defense of Marriage Act, which allows States to deny the right of marriage to LGBT persons. If that isn't a Libra matter I don't know what is. Libra is the Sign of marriage and of the Seventh House, the marriage and partnership place of the horoscope. The awareness quality of a Full Moon is also brought out today by the news of the appropriations bill slipping through a stealth permission for the biotech industry to carry on unregulated. That means they're able to avoid the scrutiny of the USDA and the courts and to go ahead with genetic modification experiments that threaten farmers and the food supply, not to mention the health of consumers.

I look at the chart for lunations set for the White House to get a sense of how the lunation affects the country as a whole, and particularly for what it says about government and political matters, domestic and international. Then I look at the chart set for where I live, because. Starting with D.C., three of this charts factors have a "hit" on D.C.

The Full Moon set for the White House


Among the ways astrologers can focus the chart of an astronomical event that represent the atmosphere for the entire planet, is to set the charting for a specific location. An interpretation of that chart can them be used for a particular area.

To get a sense of how the processes represented in the Full Moon chart apply to the country as a whole, I look at a chart that shows the event of the New Moon in Washington, D.C.  Two things strike me particularly in the D.C. setting (our government, the chief executive, the congress, the court). One is the continued and unsurprising indication of matters financial; the resources and values of the nation, financial well-being (or lack of it), the treasury, the banks, money that's owned and invested in behalf of the country. That is on the see-saw axis with money owed, foreign debt, taxation, insurance, where resources are shared or tied in "outside" as the financial support given to other nations (e.g. Israel, et al.), and with world banks. Not all of that end is about money however, here we are also concerned with life, particularly the casualties of war, but also of sexual matters (of course those relate to birth), death, and the mysteries of life, what is hidden and secret (as much of finance is, e.g. money has no value per se, it is the belief there is value that makes it so).

It is easy to see the relevance and timeliness that the astrological model provides here, but it's more difficult to arrive at an application of the information. Sometimes there may be a relatively clear answer to questions, but in this time the questions are big ones. Does the government continue financing war and acting as the world police, that is causing not only crushing debt, but costing lives and the reputation of the nation? The Cardinal Signs in emphasis Aries, Libra, and Capricorn all challenge the Cardinality of our Cancer nation. The astrology of these times is reflective of massive and global restructuring.

The second item that I find in focus in the lunation set for Washington is keyed to the "homeland," to our real estate, resources, market values, land values, farming, agriculture, the property of the people, personal and public as well. It also represents the "opposition Party." That last I'm not certain that plays out since while one Party seems to control the Executive and Senate, the other Party controls the House, and Court (and is making very large gains in States' governments). The location in focus also includes the "waters," oceans, sees, rivers, lakes and what is sometimes symbolized by water, secret depths, and ownership of all of these.

The focus with this second item is benevolent. There's a sense that the understanding that would support the poles of an argument may be ameliorated by communication and sharing that leads to understanding. Needed and suggested is a resolution of polarity not by denial but by finding common ground. It is not a big surprise to me when I see the extreme Right wing in support of causes generally presumed the province of the Left; as in the Libertarian notion to end our foreign involvements and the Left's support of bringing troops home and cutting military spending. What is called for, what the horoscope suggests, is healing of separation via shared humanity and concerns. The short term solutions to a need for jobs sometimes suggests abandoning environmental concerns as with the XL pipeline and hydraulic fracturing, but most every parent hopes for a healthy future for his/her children and that those children will enjoy the natural beauty that the parent experienced during his/her childhood. That's just one example, the more effort that is made to find what is "like me" in the opposition, the more chance of a sane progress is possible. Most religions are about peace in their foundations but are the source of so much violence throughout history. This is an epochal time. Change is inevitable, positive change will come from education and understanding.

The lunation chart only shows what is, and what is, is not easy. The pangs of the birth period we are in last for years. When I wrote the article some years ago about this time my suggestion was for the period "May 2007 through March 2020, nearly 13 years of effect, actual or symbolic, as you would have it." We are in the heat of it now.

The Full Moon Set for Hawai'i


Setting the Full Moon chart for Hawai'i gives us a different orientation; an emphasis on leaders on one hand and the aina, the homeland, on the other. The fiery Aries, Martian, element on the homeland reflects the threats from North Korea as well as concerns for preservation. Here, jobs vs. environment are not quite like the mainland challenge, and yet it is very much the same. Do we preserve the oceans, reefs, and fish, or do we allow practices that harm them in order to preserve jobs? Do we work to preserve clean air, water, and soil? Is there a way to do both? Once again, the suggestion is of dialog. In Hawai'i it is increasingly important for the people to consider the big picture, the long term, the keiki, and to communicate with, and work with and watch, the behavior of elected leaders, from the Governor, to the Mayor, to the County Council. Of course the representatives in Washington need attention too, but it is on the local level that Hawai'ians need to focus in order to influence the big picture. Hawai'i's dependence on oil is more so than for any other State. The power of corporations is no less here than on the national scene. We can work for the benefit of the people, or allow business to control and own, as they have since plantation days.

Hawai'ians can increasingly feed corporate investors by accepting monopoly control of things like energy and communication, or can encourage legislators to support home grown business, agriculture, and trade. For Hawai'i it is time to make the voice of the people heard. Real media will support the effort, not the canned silliness from the mainland. There is real programming to be had, but the bottom line is the cost, and as long as we accept it, we get the cheap. How about news that matters for growth, change, and development? Every day it's who drowned, someone saw a shark, someone was stabbed, a house burned, a bicyclist was run over, and views of Honolulu traffic that affects only a small segment of the population. It's time for the people to learn the issues that are decided out of view and make their thoughts known. We can't do that with media focused day after day on "if it bleeds, it leads." The resolution of matter of two years of teachers without a contract might have been resolved in days or weeks instead of years if all the discussion was available, as if it mattered, instead we get Kardashians from the mainland.

The Full Moon charting suggests some good legislative luck that fits with that contract resolution. It looks like there's potential for some genial getting along, for confidence and optimism from the Islands that's especially reflected in the international tourist trade, increasing from Down Under, Japan, Korea, China, and their neighbors. The outlook is good for leaders to influence and inspire.

In terms of where this all comes from, you may want to stop reading now because I decided to put the astrology at the end. I know that some just like to hear the story and don't care where the story comes from.


I've been looking at, and writing about charts for lunations (New and Full Moons) since I wrote the Astrology page in the Berkshire Eagle's Sunday "Sampler" in the 1970s. While I may have missed studying a few Full Moon charts since then, I can't recall any which struck me as does this horoscope for this Full Moon. I know that's astro-babble; always the struggle in writing about astrology, how to say something useful.

Let me begin with an attempt to untangle some understandable English from this. Astrologers look for the New Moon to tell about the month (cyclical, not calendar) until the next New Moon. The peak periods of the entire cycle come with the First Quarter, the Full Moon, and the Last Quarter. What's cool is that you can see all of these except the New Moon in the sky (the New Moon occurs with the Moon between Earth and the Sun and is obscured by the Sun's radiance - unless it's one of the rare New Moons where the Moon aligns so closely as to eclipse the Sun). The astrologer looks at these frozen moments, 0º New, 90º First Quarter, 180º Full, 270º Last Quarter, and charts each of the four for information. The biggest deal is New, then Full, then the Quarters. I wrote about the last New Moon and am skipping the Quarter Moons but will look at the Full.

I've read letters from some people who don't want any astronomy in their astrology. "Just give me the interpretation, Tim." I have to avoid that because it is important to distinguish what I do from what a fortune teller does. My interpretation is actually the translation of a precise moment in our solar system, not from some feeling or sense or voice of an Indian Guide. Maybe I'll put a chart or two in this to show you what I translate.

This is the most dynamic Full Moon charting that I can ever recall seeing. What that points out to us, the translation, is how remarkable and perhaps important this time is for everyone; everyone, because the entire planet experiences lunations. Some are going to be felt more strongly by individuals, nations, etc., than others, but this one has some universal characteristics that point out an important time for our planet and everything on it.

Those who've been following my work and writing know that I've been writing for years about this time period we are in now. That's particularly in reference to the cycle of two planets that have been dramatic actors in the times of my life that were also dramatic, for me, and for the world. I'm speaking of the 1960s. This time we are in now, is resonating with the same energetic that was operative then, only more so. [The larger scale cycle for the planets Uranus and Pluto is approximately 127 years.] This Full Moon links with those two planets in an immediate and powerful way, not only via the Sun and Moon on opposite sides of the earth, but also by other factors in the solar system active simultaneously. I will not attempt to include and delineate everything in the chart but just a few that seem especially apropos to this period (New Moon March 11, next New Moon April 9, 2013).

Venus, Sun, Uranus and Mars are together in just over 5° of one another, all in the hot, fiery, Sign of beginnings, Aries. They are all four opposite the Moon and at a right angle with Pluto. The suggestion is about a process of development, of breaking away to create something new. The Moon is also 90° from Pluto, really 270° from when she crossed over Pluto on March 6. What she asks for in this sky message is for us to learn to integrate our feelings and needs with the deep transformation that is at hand. It requires more than observation but also inner work along the lines of "to accept the things I cannot change." There are great sociopolitical processes at work, simply look at the news today (oh, boy).

The July 22, 2011 bombing and massacre in Oslo occurred with Mars triggering the Uranus/Pluto 90° square that defines these times astrologically (Rudhyar, "crisis in action"). Mars-inspired events are likely in this period as well although I do accept the premise that shared unity of focus on peace can calm the storm, "maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I've written elsewhere about the rare and dynamic current relationship of the planets Uranus and Pluto, how we are in a developmental crisis in their cycle, the force of which was birthed in the nineteen sixties. See this post in Gather and scroll down to the "Dear Claudia" commentary for an important continuation of the article.

This Full Moon acts as a support and a trigger to the huge marker of planetary evolution, the cycle of Uranus and Pluto, that is about revolutionary, planetary change on a massive scale. While I don't suggest they have to do with the geologic or meteorological, the Full Moon does, in and of itself since it occurs so near the Equinox with the Sun at zero declination, right smack on the Earth's equatorial plane in space, ALSO, with Venus, Moon, Mars, and Uranus also having crossed or about to cross that plane. Imagine the challenge to the juggler spinning plates as four different fruits of different sizes are placed on them.


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