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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Uranus with Pluto, December 2014 musing

Gee the time is whizzing by quickly. Soon it will be 2015. The Moon will begin her last Quarter December 14 and will cycle to New only two hours and thirty-three minutes after the exact point of the Winter Solstice (one of the chief markers upon which the Zodiac is hung).

Also on the 14th we reach the sixth of the seven development squares of Uranus to Pluto. As I've been writing for years, this is the pivotal development of these times. You recall maybe that I pooh-poohed the hoopla over the presumed Mayan Calendar whatsis. While that had social, religious, and astrological relevance to a Mayan world view, that is far from the prevailing world view that I am more comfortable in addressing. I like the astronomical basis of some calendars, like the Jewish one for example, but I'm a Westerner, pure and simple, and with the exception of astrology-lovers of other cultures who know and like my work, I relate my work to Western sensibilities. In technical terms I am a Western Tropical astrologer and am comfortable there.

So I've been communicating about this period of time we share now for many years. I am relatively confident that my comments made years ago are spot on, 100% on. That's nice and reassuring about my understanding and work with astrology, but where do we go from here (although I don't believe that we're finished with "here" until 2020 at the earliest)?

Where we go is continuation. We might think of a failed Egyptian revolution in 2011, but I hold that it is not a failed revolution, but a stirring of the world's body that will continue to stir for some time. [See
Don’t be Fooled by Appearances, Liberal Values are Spreading in the Arab World, By Ahmed Benchems - Link at the bottom of this article.] The outcome, though unknown for certain, will see major socio-economical-structural changes planet-wide. Governments will change in terms of style of governance. How those change, how corporate and financial structures will change compares to the free will of an individual.

I know that free will is not some limitless human capacity. I know that astrology doesn't reveal the entire scope of a life. If you are born a man you will not bear children (at least at this juncture of time). There are limits to our freedom. We are born into certain bodies with the limitations of those, into particular families, cultures, locations, and nations. All of this may impinge on what you call "free will".

Likewise, Earth is subject to limitations, some, like the pollution caused by people, are not intrinsic to Earth, but they non-the-less define some of our earthly limitations. So while Uranus' current (precisely 2012-2015) dance with Pluto emphasizes the changes I've mentioned, the ultimate outcome depends on what we (humans) do with what we've got.

The revolutionary fervor (Uranus) of these times can indicate a planetary increase in democracy and the rights of individuals, or it can spark a constrictive backlash of enhanced control (Pluto) and the limitation of individual and social freedom. This is the palette we are given now, and how we have behaved and will behave will determine our outcome as a species. The next Uranus-Pluto period that will reprise the challenges we face now will have to wait until the 2246-2248 period. I'll leave it to brainy writers of science fiction to speculate on how the next stage of global challenges will affect us.

I've spent too much time with the wayback machine ( trying to find and republish the old article. I have no idea why I don't have a copy on my computer. (Actually I do have an idea having to do with restoring a complete image to the hard disk.) Anyway, no more time to work on this but rather than leave it as a partial, like I do way too often, I'll put it up (at least on Facebook) today, December 13, 2014.

The last two images are of Prometheus, whom we see more often tied to a rock with an eagle picking at his liver. He was chained there to suffer because he stole fire from the gods to share with humankind. The first is Stonehenge showing the alignment of the stones to the Sun at sunrise on the 21st of December.
I am not quite sure about the best way to do this. I happened to find an article that supports the assumptions I presented about the process of change keyed by Uranus-Pluto as a reflection and enhancement of what global processes were in effect in the Sixties. Interestingly, Ahmed Benchems also proposes the expanded timing in which "Sixties" changes assimilate and merge with prevailing styles and attitudes (social and political). 

Don’t be Fooled by Appearances, Liberal Values are Spreading in the Arab WorldBy Ahmed Benchems

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