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Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter to a client (in these times)


Aloha ---,

    Things happen, unfold, in ways that are marvelous blessings; if we just let them. We don't try to push the river. It is inevitable that there are knotty issues now. It is that way for the entire planet. Protest and revolt worldwide are those acting for all of us, for the awareness of need of change, we are all called to act, fear or no. Bless and thank those in inflamed nations who are protesting, striving, and even fighting for change. They are acting for us as well as for themselves. God bless those people in the Ukraine and their struggle. I sure don't want to protest in freezing weather. 
Kiev, Ukraine, December 2013Photo credit: CTV - Canada

    Part of the cosmic mystery is that the change we all need to make is unknown and unformulated; new structures, new governments, new organization, new finance, new communication, new, new, new; and it won't be born in a day. Late 2020s maybe we start to get a clearer notion of what is simmering now.
    Astrology shows our personal relation to the global issues and how we fit. We are all valuable and contribute to the degree our individual consciousness allows. These days my work consulting, often connecting people with themselves and their own paths, is exhilarating in these wild times. This work is a joy. It isn't me. It's just the small but remarkable view I have of an ancient language with the solar system and cosmos as speaker.
Kiev, Ukraine, PressTV December 2013
    I'm here and happy to get to work for you; let me know.
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