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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another bit on Mercury retrograde

    I'm not sure how you are with hearing astro-babble but I am delighted, amused, and my sense of wonder and appreciation continues as I watch the star-scene play out.

A shelf of my old library. Mercury governs books.

    Mercury of mental activity and communication stationed yesterday (21 OCT 13). As it swings around the Sun toward Earth it begins to travel against our Zodiacal yardstick, the Signs, going from higher numbers to lower; the start of the infamous Mercury retrograde. It continues that swing between Earth and Sun until November 10, when it begins to round the corner as Morning Star Mercury, and head west again, back in the same direction the Sun moves.
    What happens when Mercury is intrasolar like that, is that Mercury functions are enhanced and exaggerated. People tend to put too much on their plates, overdo it with multitasking, and have minds just bubbling with all sorts of thought and information.
 Be at peace with this dance of Trickster Mercury, our quickest little planet. Take time, even when you don't think you have time, to pause, to have awareness of what's shuffling about in your mind. That gives you a chance to better prioritize and make more effective use of Mercury's gift as it continues on it's Earth-side of the Sun trip.

The information here applies to any time Mercury is retrograde. This time the bones of the cycle, which actually starts and ends with Mercury’s elongations East and West, are these:

Mercury stations and begins retrograde on October 21 at 18° 23’ Scorpio.
Mercury is exactly between Earth and Sun Zodiacally on November 1 at 9° 34’ Scorpio.
Mercury stops and begins forward motion on November 10 at 2° 29’ Scorpio.

Of course there is a lot more to say about planets and points contacted by Mercury “in the sky,” as well as in charts, but Mercury cautions us not to bite more than we can chew comfortably.

You’ll find much more right here. Simply put “Mercury retrograde” into the search box, the box right under Astrology STARTALK from Tim Rubald.

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