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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Moon Sep 5 2013

Considering the intensity of the times (that isn't going away), the New Moon, September 5, at 11:36:08 GMT, 7:36 EDT, shows some areas of hope and promise (geeze, Sarah Palin ear worm strikes).

The stress that I've been writing about for a decade with our current deep, global, revolution, is the big not going away part. The shorter term challenge of the generations, or freedom vs. control is with us for this lunar period.

Productivity and optimism may show their furry little heads, and American values and a real sort of patriotism, not the lip-service, flag-waving, my country right or wrong, kind, but the real thing, the patriotism that acknowledges that we are all in this together. Rich or poor, black, brown, red, or white, straight or gay, even red haired, we are all Americans. We can get some work done about shoring our values up, about recognizing the better nature in one another.

Might I even suggest some progress regarding financial matters, the economy? Shifts are slow in that department but some profound changes are in the works. Oh, my, jingoistic Conservatives may not like the sound of it, but regulation that serves to curb the excesses and prosecute the crimes resulting from something like what Ross Perot called a giant sucking sound; dollars and jobs leaving America and American control.

Mars in the fiery Sun's Leo is having some stress with Big Daddy Saturn, who sometimes just might scowl a bit. In this case, there may be some attention to finance, business, and investment, at whatever level that affects you in life. Those words might have you thinking, "Not me," but those are astrological words, symbolic and metaphorical; as the song goes, "Isn't that the way; Everybody's got the dues in life to pay." It's also what I referred to as a clash between the generations. Would Clinton and Biden's kids be off to a new war? I don't think so. That sort of privilege is a facet of the clash.

This theme hits a bit of a crescendo when the Moon gets to Saturn (September 9). When she does, Mars is about exactly square (challenge for change, bringing creativity to fashion and to form new solutions for the future); it is a time when consciousness itself is part of the development most seek.

Here's the astro-babble of the layout: Saturn is in Mars' Sign, Scorpio, and Mars is raging in the heat of Leo. That's a big clash between Fire and Water; between Fire and Earth. Impulse vs. practicality. Action vs. planning.

September 9, Mars is perfectly balanced against Saturn, the strength and vitality of youth, versus the wisdom and power of age. This is a clash of the gods. Mars tries to force Saturn to dream a new structure into being. We think we understand practical limitations and we know that survival requires new approaches.

The Moon ties it all together on the morning of the 9th.  The Moon comes along at the same time that Mars aspects Saturn, and first joins Saturn, and eleven minutes later, forms an action angle with Mars (maybe the most powerful of ways that planets relate to one another).

The Moon reflects a different, and much more ephemeral, impulse than the Mars to Saturn aspect. The Mars to Saturn is about a profound, creative need to change orientation. It's like bulldozers working in the realm of consciousness to build a new world. It's deep and comes with a long-term view. The rapidly cycling Moon comes along for feeling attention to future-focus, and asks "Let's do this!" She's pushing for action from fiery Martian creativity. At the same time, she asks of Saturn that he father a new child (these are gods; they can make children in a minute if they want). A child needed for immediate deep work, shorter term, but seeding larger plans of two, and of thirty years. In 2040 or so, ideas and actions birthed now will manifest. Sue me if I'm wrong (but I'm not wrong).

In a short few days there can be a need to envision future use of consciousness, in both two and in thirty years. The periods are connected by the theme. Like the building of the Great Barrier Reef, it's a process, a heightened period of attention to a humanitarian construction in some way, shape, or form. There is an advantage to having the elders sit us down to talk. Fire and impatience are not enough. Actions, efforts, thoughts, emotions, love, and anger all influence the formation suggested in this simple arrangement; Fire and Water, Inspiration and Spirit, War and Peace. What shall we make of them? How will it be in thirty years? Time travel is a daily occurrence for astrologers who have the inclination. Those who remember history see the ripples; see the flow of the river without banks. Impulse, inspiration, wisdom, patience, raw energy, harnessed with no harness but love. Think of the pony tamed with kindness rather than the one roped and "broke." The overall process may be about sharing or hoarding resources. Do you see it play out now in workers asking for living wages, nations working to free themselves from oppressive rule, from ordinary farmers demanding access to their own seed? The specifics differ from person to person. The core issues remain the same.

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