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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Continuing Story of Uranus/Pluto. Turkey, June 2013

The continuing story of Uranus/Pluto. Turkey ~ June 3-4, 2013 

Maria was traveling through Turkey when demonstrations began. I met Maria via my roommate Jayj Jacobs back at one astrology conference or another. It is special to read this from Maria. The actions in Turkey are against a repressive government. This is another of many manifestations of the current stage of the planetary cycle of Uranus with Pluto. For decades I've looked to this time with a sense of awe. Now we are in it. History is made day by day but the activity, and quality has its peaks and valleys. This is a revolutionary era.
"Status Update
By Maria Mateus
"We made it back to Romania safely yesterday afternoon. What a fantastic trip! Our hosts, Baris and Aysem were wonderful. The protests in the streets did not impact us much except for the drafting clouds of tear gas during key times of the day and some metro interruptions that made gatting around during peak times a bit tricky. But we managed to see the sites we were hoping to see.
"What is happening in Turkey in the last few days is a big deal. We got a crash course in Turkish politics and history from our hosts that certainly emphasized this point. Apparently this is a backlash against Erdogan's (the current PM) deluded ambitions to return to what he sees as the Ottoman glorious past and his non-democratic policies in that direction. The opposition to the plans to build a shopping mall in Taksim square was simply the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back in a long list of grievances.
"As a student of history, this trip was fascinating. But what was most exciting was getting to witness first-hand the power of social media not just to mobilize action, but to inspire it! Yesterday evening, from the front street-facing windows of Aysem's apartment, we saw hundreds of individuals come out into their windows and balconies to bang pots and pans at coordinated times during the evening in order to show their support for the protestors. Even I, and the dogs across the street joined in. In the back-facing windows that overlook a view of the whole downtown, we saw home lights simultaneously flickering on and off in the same show of support. And even while tear gas wafted into the windows at 2 am, we could hear the distant sounds of hundreds of thousands protesting in nearby Taksim square. As I watched Baris and Aysem glued to Facebook for the latest news, it dawned on me how the most effective tools of democratic inspiration have never been found down the barrel of a gun or in some state dept negotiation room. No union ever came from creating distance. Rather, it comes from the ability to get close to other individuals and discover that we all have friends, we all celebrate our accomplishments, we all need comfort during our setbacks, and we all have the potential to inspire each other. To attempt to control the means of such expression, is and will always be a losing proposition."

What follows by way of comment on these times are footnotes from the blog. Especially notice (3) and that Turkey was in flux then too.
(2) On Pluto in Capricorn (via this blog - risking (loss) is what Pluto in Capricorn is about. Capricorn is the order, social, governmental, business, religious, and is fundamental to how the world works. The World needs structure. It's the difference between explosive chaos, and harmony. It's a good thing, but as it becomes crystallized it needs to be broken up and restructured in order to grow, and for progress to happen. There are forces that will challenge the structure to that end. The planet will offer weather events, earthquakes, and volcanism. The human population will offer Arab Springs, Occupies, democracy, and human rights movements. The structure, that tends to resist change, includes businesses, corporations, and governments. If one looks at human history there are massive changes and developments through the ages. Are we to imagine that somehow this period will be the exception? That if we just hold on, that things will stay the same and work out?

On Uranus square Pluto and the 1960s: "now" is resonating with the same essential nature that was operative then, only more so. [The larger scale cycle for the planets Uranus and Pluto is approximately 127 years.]

Uranus and Pluto; now we are in a developmental crisis in their cycle, the force of which was birthed in the Nineteen Sixties. See this post in Gather, then scroll down to the "Dear Claudia" commentary for a continuation of the article. [link is currently down as Gather moves but if you're interested send me an email and I'll send an updated link when I have one]. 

(3) 1876-1877: a very significant world-wide drought and starvation; the Colombian Civil War; the Standard Oil Trust; the most contentious, bitter, and protracted presidential election in American history; the Compromise of 1877; the Sioux War/Little Big Horn/the Apache War; the telephone; the phonograph; the End of Reconstruction; Mexican-Texas border incursions; the Great Railroad Strike of 1877; The Crimean War - 15,000 Bulgarians massacred, with the destruction of more than fifty villages and five monasteries; Russia declares war on Turkey; the Serbian insurrection of 1875 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a series of wars involving also, Thracia, Montenegro, Turkey, and Bulgaria; Bismarck's Germany; Empire; riots in numerous cities; anti-Chinese attacks in San Francisco; "Boss" Tweed; and much more.
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