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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eclipse Part IV 2010-2011 addendum

This wonderful web site was shared with me by LibraMoon, a reader of my posts.  

I cannot attest that it is perfect but it seems to agree with the Fred Espenak/NASA eclipse material I've utilized.


The information on the lunar eclipse is no longer timely but the animation for the January 4, 2011, Partial Solar Eclipse is timely (until the 4th anyway) and very nice.

One of several web sites listed by LibraMoon, Laurie Corzett, is this "emerging visions" that I probably limit  by calling it a magazine of visual art, poetry, and thought.  The short dash through it that I was able to take made me wish for more time to explore.

Science and art for this brief post.  What a concept!

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