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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury ends the retrograde, November 10, 2013

The importance of thought about emotion continues through this Scorpio period. Scorpio is the most sensitive of Signs. That may surprise the uninitiated who've only encountered a cold shell. That shell, and that stinger, is in order to protect the soft places, and to prevent the Scorpio from dissolving into a puddle. If Scorpio lets you in, don't mess up, it's worth being careful.

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, 21:12 GMT, 4:12 PM EST, at 2° 29' SCORPIO, MERCURY appears to stop his/her apparent backward movement, as s/he rounds the (round) corner of the orbit that will take her from the nearest Earth to the farthest on the circle around the Sun. That trip really gets underway on November 18, when Mercury reaches greatest distance (19.5°) west of the Sun, called "Greatest Elongation." S/he'll continue on as a Morning Star until the orbit takes her into the brilliance of the Sun that s/he'll be right behind on December 28 (called Superior Conjunction).

Courtesy of Birth Chart Painting ~ Aysem Aksoy
What's of interest to me is less an apparent (but not actual) change of direction, but that the station puts a focus on a particular place in the Zodiac where it occurs. This one at 2° 29' Scorpio forms an harmonious aspect with Neptune, suggesting that relief from inner stress, and perhaps the machinations of others, comes from "stopping" occasionally to tune into that peace, that is ongoing and ever-present, when we are able to take a minute, to appreciate the magic of life.

A bit of astro-babble for the fans of that, is that this station occurs on The Fiery Way, Via Combusta, a fiery star section between mid-Libra and mid-Scorpio. So, if Mercury is a key factor (significator) in the chart, who or what is signified is weakened.


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