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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mercury ends the retrograde, November 10, 2013

The importance of thought about emotion continues through this Scorpio period. Scorpio is the most sensitive of Signs. That may surprise the uninitiated who've only encountered a cold shell. That shell, and that stinger, is in order to protect the soft places, and to prevent the Scorpio from dissolving into a puddle. If Scorpio lets you in, don't mess up, it's worth being careful.

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, 21:12 GMT, 4:12 PM EST, at 2° 29' SCORPIO, MERCURY appears to stop his/her apparent backward movement, as s/he rounds the (round) corner of the orbit that will take her from the nearest Earth to the farthest on the circle around the Sun. That trip really gets underway on November 18, when Mercury reaches greatest distance (19.5°) west of the Sun, called "Greatest Elongation." S/he'll continue on as a Morning Star until the orbit takes her into the brilliance of the Sun that s/he'll be right behind on December 28 (called Superior Conjunction).

Courtesy of Birth Chart Painting ~ Aysem Aksoy
What's of interest to me is less an apparent (but not actual) change of direction, but that the station puts a focus on a particular place in the Zodiac where it occurs. This one at 2° 29' Scorpio forms an harmonious aspect with Neptune, suggesting that relief from inner stress, and perhaps the machinations of others, comes from "stopping" occasionally to tune into that peace, that is ongoing and ever-present, when we are able to take a minute, to appreciate the magic of life.

A bit of astro-babble for the fans of that, is that this station occurs on The Fiery Way, Via Combusta, a fiery star section between mid-Libra and mid-Scorpio. So, if Mercury is a key factor (significator) in the chart, who or what is signified is weakened.


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another bit on Mercury retrograde

    I'm not sure how you are with hearing astro-babble but I am delighted, amused, and my sense of wonder and appreciation continues as I watch the star-scene play out.

A shelf of my old library. Mercury governs books.

    Mercury of mental activity and communication stationed yesterday (21 OCT 13). As it swings around the Sun toward Earth it begins to travel against our Zodiacal yardstick, the Signs, going from higher numbers to lower; the start of the infamous Mercury retrograde. It continues that swing between Earth and Sun until November 10, when it begins to round the corner as Morning Star Mercury, and head west again, back in the same direction the Sun moves.
    What happens when Mercury is intrasolar like that, is that Mercury functions are enhanced and exaggerated. People tend to put too much on their plates, overdo it with multitasking, and have minds just bubbling with all sorts of thought and information.
 Be at peace with this dance of Trickster Mercury, our quickest little planet. Take time, even when you don't think you have time, to pause, to have awareness of what's shuffling about in your mind. That gives you a chance to better prioritize and make more effective use of Mercury's gift as it continues on it's Earth-side of the Sun trip.

The information here applies to any time Mercury is retrograde. This time the bones of the cycle, which actually starts and ends with Mercury’s elongations East and West, are these:

Mercury stations and begins retrograde on October 21 at 18° 23’ Scorpio.
Mercury is exactly between Earth and Sun Zodiacally on November 1 at 9° 34’ Scorpio.
Mercury stops and begins forward motion on November 10 at 2° 29’ Scorpio.

Of course there is a lot more to say about planets and points contacted by Mercury “in the sky,” as well as in charts, but Mercury cautions us not to bite more than we can chew comfortably.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Astrology STARTALK from Tim Rubald: Just a note about some redesign of this blog and w...

Astrology STARTALK from Tim Rubald: Just a note about some redesign of this blog and why (it's for you). Find what you want easily with a search.

Just a note about some redesign of this blog and why (it's for you).

Dante hits the books.
If like Mr. Dante, you would like to look for some particular information, say about a planet, Sign, eclipse, etc. Just use the search box at the top here. The one right under Astrology STARTALK from Tim Rubald, not the search the whole world search box at the top of the page. You will find a lot of information that way. Even though I astro-babble, I also translate my astro-babble into English.

Also, after about a decade with LinkedIn, I find it is pretty much useless. While it may help job-seekers, as social media, all it seems to do is stroke egos. Mine is large enough without help. I love all of my friends who are on LinkedIn. I'll put my time with that here. For more on my whys and wherefores see the skankworks link in the box you'll find on the right side of this page.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Moon Sep 5 2013

Considering the intensity of the times (that isn't going away), the New Moon, September 5, at 11:36:08 GMT, 7:36 EDT, shows some areas of hope and promise (geeze, Sarah Palin ear worm strikes).

The stress that I've been writing about for a decade with our current deep, global, revolution, is the big not going away part. The shorter term challenge of the generations, or freedom vs. control is with us for this lunar period.

Productivity and optimism may show their furry little heads, and American values and a real sort of patriotism, not the lip-service, flag-waving, my country right or wrong, kind, but the real thing, the patriotism that acknowledges that we are all in this together. Rich or poor, black, brown, red, or white, straight or gay, even red haired, we are all Americans. We can get some work done about shoring our values up, about recognizing the better nature in one another.

Might I even suggest some progress regarding financial matters, the economy? Shifts are slow in that department but some profound changes are in the works. Oh, my, jingoistic Conservatives may not like the sound of it, but regulation that serves to curb the excesses and prosecute the crimes resulting from something like what Ross Perot called a giant sucking sound; dollars and jobs leaving America and American control.

Mars in the fiery Sun's Leo is having some stress with Big Daddy Saturn, who sometimes just might scowl a bit. In this case, there may be some attention to finance, business, and investment, at whatever level that affects you in life. Those words might have you thinking, "Not me," but those are astrological words, symbolic and metaphorical; as the song goes, "Isn't that the way; Everybody's got the dues in life to pay." It's also what I referred to as a clash between the generations. Would Clinton and Biden's kids be off to a new war? I don't think so. That sort of privilege is a facet of the clash.

This theme hits a bit of a crescendo when the Moon gets to Saturn (September 9). When she does, Mars is about exactly square (challenge for change, bringing creativity to fashion and to form new solutions for the future); it is a time when consciousness itself is part of the development most seek.

Here's the astro-babble of the layout: Saturn is in Mars' Sign, Scorpio, and Mars is raging in the heat of Leo. That's a big clash between Fire and Water; between Fire and Earth. Impulse vs. practicality. Action vs. planning.

September 9, Mars is perfectly balanced against Saturn, the strength and vitality of youth, versus the wisdom and power of age. This is a clash of the gods. Mars tries to force Saturn to dream a new structure into being. We think we understand practical limitations and we know that survival requires new approaches.

The Moon ties it all together on the morning of the 9th.  The Moon comes along at the same time that Mars aspects Saturn, and first joins Saturn, and eleven minutes later, forms an action angle with Mars (maybe the most powerful of ways that planets relate to one another).

The Moon reflects a different, and much more ephemeral, impulse than the Mars to Saturn aspect. The Mars to Saturn is about a profound, creative need to change orientation. It's like bulldozers working in the realm of consciousness to build a new world. It's deep and comes with a long-term view. The rapidly cycling Moon comes along for feeling attention to future-focus, and asks "Let's do this!" She's pushing for action from fiery Martian creativity. At the same time, she asks of Saturn that he father a new child (these are gods; they can make children in a minute if they want). A child needed for immediate deep work, shorter term, but seeding larger plans of two, and of thirty years. In 2040 or so, ideas and actions birthed now will manifest. Sue me if I'm wrong (but I'm not wrong).

In a short few days there can be a need to envision future use of consciousness, in both two and in thirty years. The periods are connected by the theme. Like the building of the Great Barrier Reef, it's a process, a heightened period of attention to a humanitarian construction in some way, shape, or form. There is an advantage to having the elders sit us down to talk. Fire and impatience are not enough. Actions, efforts, thoughts, emotions, love, and anger all influence the formation suggested in this simple arrangement; Fire and Water, Inspiration and Spirit, War and Peace. What shall we make of them? How will it be in thirty years? Time travel is a daily occurrence for astrologers who have the inclination. Those who remember history see the ripples; see the flow of the river without banks. Impulse, inspiration, wisdom, patience, raw energy, harnessed with no harness but love. Think of the pony tamed with kindness rather than the one roped and "broke." The overall process may be about sharing or hoarding resources. Do you see it play out now in workers asking for living wages, nations working to free themselves from oppressive rule, from ordinary farmers demanding access to their own seed? The specifics differ from person to person. The core issues remain the same.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part 2, The Continuing Story Turkey/Uranus/Pluto, June 2013

I got the story in email, but it seems to suggest FB as well. In any case it appears to be a very clear and knowing picture of the situation in Turkey. Since there is a suggestion of a need for anonymity, I've simply removed all names and replaced with identifiers in brackets. There's my friend, the friend of my friend who lives/lived in Turkey, and another friend too.
An Occupy Gezi demostrator takes part in a gas mask dance protest in Gezi Park Photograph: Claudia Borgia/Demotix/Corbis
Since I started this in my astrological blog I guess that I need to include some astrology in order to keep a good fit. I apologize that I don't have time to translate it all into English, and this will be mostly astro-babble to those not versed in astrology. If you like learning about the Turkey crisis but not the astrology just scoot down to the sentence that begins, "Oh, and by the way . . ."

Write to if you'd like some help in dealing with your personal revolution!
The 1923 chart for the Republic shows a time of change but one when Uranus and Pluto were in a very harmonious Grand Trine with Venus. Not a "strong" trine but nonetheless a classic harmony indicative of a country with three languages and two principal ethnic groups united in its borders.

The May 25 eclipse activated Turkey's Progressed Mars among other connections. Saturn of severity and restriction has been transiting over the Sun of the Republic. The Progressed Sun has reached a stage with the Natal that indicates that it's time for action for continuation and growth. Uranus and Pluto (remember them) are closely involved with, challenging, and activating the Progressed Moon (the People). There are several chapters that might be written about the astrology, but this will have to assuage my guilt at almost not including astrology with this information that I think is just great and that you may never find in our conventional media.

Aloha, Tim

The anonymity request goes like this: "Oh, by the way, please don't use my name in any way associated with this. There are things in there that could get me arrested in Turkey when I travel there [deleted], so it's best for me to lay low at the moment. In fact, please don't mention that I'm [deleted]. Just say you got this from the friend of a friend who lives in Turkey. Thanks!

So here's what I got and recommend to anyone who wants to know what's really going on in Turkey and why.

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 1:04 PM, [the friend of a friend who lives in Turkey]; wrote:
[friend who lives in Turkey], No SERIOUSLY,   What is going on over there?   I know what I hear on Pacifica Radio, (listener sponsored radio) but do you want to add an inside story?    I KNEW when you came back to the US that things there were brewing!   

To: [Friend] Sent: Tue, Jun 4, 2013 8:47 pm
Subject: Re: See what happens when you leave Turkey....the country falls apart!
Hi [Friend],

It's crazy over there ... but the people are finally fed up!  We wish we were there right now to join in the protests, but all we can do is be a part of the resistance movement from abroad, and try to enlighten people.  Most Americans have no clue about what's really going on there, and the White House, to it's discredit, is either clueless, or knows exactly what's going on and just doesn't want the boat to be rocked. 

Interestingly, [a friend] wrote me a note on FB asking me about it, and I sent him a long reply.  I'll copy and paste it for you to save time. (See below)  Bottom line is that the PM Erdogan is not only a religious fundamentalist (he's a former imam), but also a narcissistic and ruthless street fighter type of leader in the lineage of Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Ghadafi, El-Assad (Syria), Kim Jun-Un, etc.  Erdogan, who convened Parliament at 7am to quickly pass a bill re. severe alcohol restrictions, and said this week "Whoever drinks alcohol is an alcoholic", is himself drunk on power.  Hence, his arrogant response to last week's Gezi Park protests, calling the people looters, marginals, extremists, etc. (if you see the photos you'll notice people of all ages and from all walks of life in Turkey) ... and saying things like "If you show up with 10,000 people, I'll summon a million of my supporters" and (in light of the fact that the first protesters climbed trees and hung on to keep the bulldozers at bay) said, "We should hang them all from trees!  They're used to that!"  I could go on and on and on about him, because I lived in Turkey for 10 years under his ruthless rule.  He is an extremely dangerous man, who needs to go! 
If you read some of the articles I've posted in recent days you'll get a better overall political view of what's happening.
Thanks for asking!
[a friend who lives in Turkey]

People sit down as they continue with their protest at Gezi Park Photograph: Selin Alemdar/Getty Images
Wondering how Turkey came to be in this mess. If the folks are supportive of Ataturk's democracy, and presumably they still live in a democracy - in that they still have free elections - how did the radical Islamists come to dominion in the gov't, and why don't the folks just vote them out?
[a friend who lives in Turkey]
Excellent question, [friend]. Unfortunately, the secularists got bogged down with corruption and infighting sometime during the 1980's, resulting in a splintering of the secular democrats. By the time I reached Turkey in 1999 (to help with disaster relief in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake that hit Turkey that killed over 18,000) there were around 20 different political parties running for elections. After two serious economic crises (similar to Argentina of the 80's and 90's, in which the currency wasn't worth the paper it was printed on) the center-left parties split their votes, allowing the former imam Erdogan and his newly formed AKP party, with it's roots in Islamic fundamentalism, to win the general election of 2001 with a little over 30% of the vote. AKP then took the new economic plan that the secularists had developed (and were in the process of implementing) and followed it to a T, resulting in an economic turnaround. They laid low concerning their religious agenda during their first term, focusing on the economy, and had such success in that area that they were returned to power in the 2007 elections with over 40% of the vote.

In Turkey, unless a party wins over 10% of the popular vote they cannot enter parliament, so the result in both elections for the fundamentalists was a roughly 2/3rds majority in parliament, allowing them to pass virtually any legislation they wanted. On the sly, they slowly took over the police force and judiciary with new appointments of their own people. Then they took over the normally almighty military (historical caretakers of Ataturk's vision) by trumping up charges of insurrection against over 200 generals and throwing them in jail, where they are lingering til today awaiting trials that will take years to materialize. In Turkey's past, the military would step in during times like this to get the country back on track with secular democracy, but alas, that is no longer an option. Finally, Erdogan has been ruthless with the media, jailing journalists who oppose him (Turkey has more journalists in jail today than any country in the world!) as well as buying up as many media companies as possible via his new-rich religious fundamentalist cronies. Meanwhile, he has developed a wide net of people beholden to him through a mix of govt handouts, charity and cronyism (handing out contracts to his buddies, etc.). In this way he has expanded his base. The country continued to prosper (8% growth last year, 2nd in the world to China) tripling per capita income since he took over, so a lot of the people are somewhat happy in that they have more money. Consequently, his party won the 2011 election with roughly 48% of the vote ...

However, in the process people who are aligned with the secular democracy are becoming more and more marginalized, and getting more and more upset at his authoritarian style of leadership and the way he is slowly (some say quickly) introducing religion in to the mix, as with the parliament decisions last week concerning major restrictions on alcohol.

Anti-government protesters demonstrate in Ankara Photograph: Umit Bektas/Reuters
I could go on and on all night about this, but will stop here. Suffice it to say that the cauldron has been boiling ... and the Gezi Park incident over the removal of trees from Istanbul's equivalent of NY's Central Park to turn it into a shopping mall tipped the cauldron over. The protest is not so much about trees now, as it is about Erdogan's politics, religion and autocratic style. Now it's wait and see what will happen next. My guess is that, knowing Erdogan, he will become even more aggressive and try to end all these demonstrations asap. (He has a pattern of dealing ruthlessly with all opposition.) But my hope, of course, is that a genuine people's power movement will result in a tidal wave of action that will return the country to its roots of secular democracy.

PS: Oh, one other very interesting (and scary) point ... Erdogan is currently serving in his 3rd and last (as allowed by the Constitution) term as Prime Minister, the true head of state in Turkey. We do have a President, but that position has heretofore been largely ceremonial. HOWEVER, Erdogan and his AKP party are in the process of changing the Constitution and switching over to a US-style presidential system. They hope to complete that process in time for next year's presidential election ... and, surprise, surprise, Erdogan will run for President. So, unless the people stop him, we're looking at another 3 terms of him as president (around 15 years or so), thus a bonafide middle eastern dictatorship that could last over 25 years. This is what makes the current uprising so important. For Turkey, it's probably now ... or never ... at least not for the foreseeable future. And the implications for this in terms of the Middle East (and the world) are astounding. Erdogan envisions himself as a sort of second coming Ottoman Empire sultan ... and the new leader of the Muslim world ... and that's what's so scary.
I never suspected the current crisis had much to do with trees, but was unaware of the growing discontent since the PM has seemed to be growing in popularity since first taking the helm, and from the viewpoint off the casual observer has appeared to be leading the country in a more prosperous, and presumably more satisfactory, direction. Your explanation helps clarify how a well organized, and focused, minority can seize power and placate the ignorant masses while methodically disenfranchising a large, disorganized, and perhaps myopic, opposition. Turkey apparently needs a leader who can consolidate the various opposition factions and challenge the regime. Unfortunately, given the ruthlessness of the PM, and the great effort required for such a leader to emerge, the likelihood of its occurrence is remote.
[the friend of a friend who lives in Turkey]
Very perceptive, [friend]! We need a new "Ataturk".

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Continuing Story of Uranus/Pluto. Turkey, June 2013

The continuing story of Uranus/Pluto. Turkey ~ June 3-4, 2013 

Maria was traveling through Turkey when demonstrations began. I met Maria via my roommate Jayj Jacobs back at one astrology conference or another. It is special to read this from Maria. The actions in Turkey are against a repressive government. This is another of many manifestations of the current stage of the planetary cycle of Uranus with Pluto. For decades I've looked to this time with a sense of awe. Now we are in it. History is made day by day but the activity, and quality has its peaks and valleys. This is a revolutionary era.
"Status Update
By Maria Mateus
"We made it back to Romania safely yesterday afternoon. What a fantastic trip! Our hosts, Baris and Aysem were wonderful. The protests in the streets did not impact us much except for the drafting clouds of tear gas during key times of the day and some metro interruptions that made gatting around during peak times a bit tricky. But we managed to see the sites we were hoping to see.
"What is happening in Turkey in the last few days is a big deal. We got a crash course in Turkish politics and history from our hosts that certainly emphasized this point. Apparently this is a backlash against Erdogan's (the current PM) deluded ambitions to return to what he sees as the Ottoman glorious past and his non-democratic policies in that direction. The opposition to the plans to build a shopping mall in Taksim square was simply the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back in a long list of grievances.
"As a student of history, this trip was fascinating. But what was most exciting was getting to witness first-hand the power of social media not just to mobilize action, but to inspire it! Yesterday evening, from the front street-facing windows of Aysem's apartment, we saw hundreds of individuals come out into their windows and balconies to bang pots and pans at coordinated times during the evening in order to show their support for the protestors. Even I, and the dogs across the street joined in. In the back-facing windows that overlook a view of the whole downtown, we saw home lights simultaneously flickering on and off in the same show of support. And even while tear gas wafted into the windows at 2 am, we could hear the distant sounds of hundreds of thousands protesting in nearby Taksim square. As I watched Baris and Aysem glued to Facebook for the latest news, it dawned on me how the most effective tools of democratic inspiration have never been found down the barrel of a gun or in some state dept negotiation room. No union ever came from creating distance. Rather, it comes from the ability to get close to other individuals and discover that we all have friends, we all celebrate our accomplishments, we all need comfort during our setbacks, and we all have the potential to inspire each other. To attempt to control the means of such expression, is and will always be a losing proposition."

What follows by way of comment on these times are footnotes from the blog. Especially notice (3) and that Turkey was in flux then too.
(2) On Pluto in Capricorn (via this blog - risking (loss) is what Pluto in Capricorn is about. Capricorn is the order, social, governmental, business, religious, and is fundamental to how the world works. The World needs structure. It's the difference between explosive chaos, and harmony. It's a good thing, but as it becomes crystallized it needs to be broken up and restructured in order to grow, and for progress to happen. There are forces that will challenge the structure to that end. The planet will offer weather events, earthquakes, and volcanism. The human population will offer Arab Springs, Occupies, democracy, and human rights movements. The structure, that tends to resist change, includes businesses, corporations, and governments. If one looks at human history there are massive changes and developments through the ages. Are we to imagine that somehow this period will be the exception? That if we just hold on, that things will stay the same and work out?

On Uranus square Pluto and the 1960s: "now" is resonating with the same essential nature that was operative then, only more so. [The larger scale cycle for the planets Uranus and Pluto is approximately 127 years.]

Uranus and Pluto; now we are in a developmental crisis in their cycle, the force of which was birthed in the Nineteen Sixties. See this post in Gather, then scroll down to the "Dear Claudia" commentary for a continuation of the article. [link is currently down as Gather moves but if you're interested send me an email and I'll send an updated link when I have one]. 

(3) 1876-1877: a very significant world-wide drought and starvation; the Colombian Civil War; the Standard Oil Trust; the most contentious, bitter, and protracted presidential election in American history; the Compromise of 1877; the Sioux War/Little Big Horn/the Apache War; the telephone; the phonograph; the End of Reconstruction; Mexican-Texas border incursions; the Great Railroad Strike of 1877; The Crimean War - 15,000 Bulgarians massacred, with the destruction of more than fifty villages and five monasteries; Russia declares war on Turkey; the Serbian insurrection of 1875 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a series of wars involving also, Thracia, Montenegro, Turkey, and Bulgaria; Bismarck's Germany; Empire; riots in numerous cities; anti-Chinese attacks in San Francisco; "Boss" Tweed; and much more.
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

A few days in June. June 1-8, 2013.

A few days in June. From the astrologer, without the astrology talk.
June 1-8, 2013.
Today is June 2, Sun's Day

There's likely to be a growing feeling of action, of doing as we move into the month of June. We may pause to think about the current big changes happening, on the planet, and in our own dealing with the differences. We might even experience events, conversations, and urges, which call for our participation.

There may not be opportunities to do since this time is more about directing attention to potential. We are part of a process and our desires and intentions set the stage for what we make the times. There's a call for openness to possibility. If we move on a basis of lack and fear, that contributes. If we are inspired and hopeful, that contributes. Struggle is a waste of time. If scarcity is your chief sensation, be with it. Let fear take you as far as it will. Envision the worst case scenario but take your time doing it. Really explore. You've had these thoughts years ago and still you are here. Don't be afraid, don't struggle, scary imaginings never seem to match reality. On you go.

The 5th and 6th are days to watch life's movie, to receive. There's plenty of time to watch the credits, then to talk story with a friend, friends, or the clouds in the sky.

The dream is the message on the 6th and 7th. See where the music takes you. Read poetry or scripture, science fiction, fantasy, or imagine your own books and films. What are they? What are they about?

On the 8th we turn the key and feel the engine begin to throb easily. We engage the gear and begin a new journey through a familiar landscape, with fresh eyes.
Much love and aloha, fellow humans.

For your astrology write to Tim at

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

STARTALK Beltane 2013 May 4/5

The Sun at 15° 00’ Taurus marks the cross-quarter day.

There is a distinction between the calendar accident of May Day, May 1, and Beltane,  a seasonally dated holy day. It occurs this year at the Spring/Summer midpoint at 8:43 AM UT/GMT May 5, 9:43 AM BST, 4:43 AM EDT, 3:43 AM CDT, 2:43 MDT, 1:43 AM PDT, all May 5; and May 4 in Hawai’i at10:43 PM HST.

Back in the day, all the hearth fires would be extinguished on Beltane eve. A new fire would be lighted made of four sacred woods. The fire would be started with oak wood, by friction. The Druid would then hand torches lighted in the sacred fire that were carried back down the hill (the fire would be lighted at the highest place) to restart the village hearth fires. A happy party would carry on all night at the sacred fire. The Druid would make sure this happened when it was supposed to, at the true cross-quarter. He'd scoff at a calendar determined date. "What is this calendar that is so inaccurate that a day must be added every four years? What? Do you think that Beltane is Thanksgiving or something?"

This time in the year has been celebrated for thousands of years with holidays, holy days, and festivals. I can remember in my toddler-hood walking around the Maypole holding a ribbon and not having a clue about what was going on, but enjoying the color and chaos.  May Day in this country became associated with workers rights and labor unions until, in the Fifties armies, tanks, and rockets, with red stars, came this way on TV, and in Life and Look magazines to show the Soviet “hijacking” of May Day.  May Day festivities fell off in the U.S.A. lest we be affiliated with the godless communists.

Doc Rowe writes in his MayDay: The Coming of Spring:  “Today, Mayday for many is associated with Anti-capitalist demonstrations; however, Mayday originated as a pagan festive holy day celebrating the first spring planting. The Celts and Saxons celebrated May 1st as Beltane, which means the day of fire (Bel was the Celtic god of the sun). [No, May 1st is a result of the calendar change; the true Beltane date is astronomically based. The 1st has become the popular date; it is not true to the season cycle roots of tradition.]

“Celebrations began on the eve of Mayday with feasts marking the end of winter and the return of the sun. These celebrations continued in Britain until the 1700's when they were outlawed by the church.”

For the ancient Gaelic holiday, Beltane, the astronomical day is usually May 5. On the night of May 4, the sacred fire of four holy woods is put together to be lit with a friction fire started with oak. The bonfire is assembled at the highest point in the area, and all hearth fires are extinguished. All fires are snuffed out. The people assemble and the Druid (priest) lights the fire. From the sacred fire torches are lit and the new fire is carried back to the homes. In some areas fires might be lighted and livestock walked between the fires to purify them that they bear healthy young. Then, there’s a bit of carrying on, dancing, partying and ... well, see the end of the quotation from the grumpy puritan, Philip Stubbes, that follows.

To Philip Stubbes in his Anatomie of Abuses (1583), holidays such as Beltane licensed immoral behavior. His is a puritan’s nightmare of revelry and debauchery.

“Against May, Whitsunday or other time, all the young men and maids, old men and wives run gadding overnight to the woods, groves, hills and mountains, where they spend all the night in pleasant pastimes, and in the morning they return, bringing with them birch and branches of trees, to deck their assemblies withal, and no marvel, for there is a great Lord present amongst them, as superintendent and Lord over their pastimes and sports, namely Satan prince of hell. But the chiefest jewel they bring from thence is their Maypole, which they bring home with great veneration, as thus: They have twenty of forty yoke of Oxen, every Ox having a sweet nosegay of flowers placed on the tip of his horns, and these
Oxen draw home this Maypole (this stinking Idol rather) which is covered all over with flowers, and herbs bound ’round about with strings from the top to the bottom, and sometime painted with variable colours, with two or three hundred men, women, and children following it with great devotion. And thus being reared up, with handkerchiefs and flags hovering on the top, they straw the ground ’round about, bind green boughs about it, set up summer halls, bowers and arbors hard by it. And then fall they to dance about it like as the heathen people did at the dedication of the Idols, whereof this is a perfect pattern, or rather the thing itself. I have heard it credibly reported . . . that of forty, threescore, or a hundred maids going to the wood overnight, there have scarcely the third part of them returned home again undefiled.”

A more friendly appreciation of the ancient rite was offered by the great Rudyard Kipling. This from his poem, A Tree Song.
Oh, do not tell the Priest our plight,
  Or he would call it a sin;
But--we have been out in the woods all night,
  A-conjuring Summer in!
And we bring you news by word of mouth-
  Good news for cattle and corn--
Now is the Sun come up from the South,
  With Oak, and Ash, and Thorn!

Today the Sun is in the center or the Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus.  In his book, The Pulse of Life, Dane Rudhyar writes:  “‘Production’ is a key-word with Taurus.  Everything which Taurus touches should be productive if it is at all to be considered as significant.  But production depends upon the control of the basic energies of human or earthly nature.  . . . Taurus insists on making energy productive. . . . Productive energy—energy which is controlled and formed—is power.  Thus Taurus is a power-Sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the four great moments of the year-cycle when life operates definitely and creatively in terms of power and purpose. [Taurus is one of the] gates through which power and purpose are released and experienced.”

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

STARTALK April 2013 eclipse & more

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 2013

April 25, 2013
I have more respect for Johannes de Sacrobosco's lunar eclipse illustration in his De sphaera, than I have for these 21st Century “Spread this message so people can enjoy” misleading Facebook posts. For one thing, the partial lunar eclipse appears not anything like what’s pictured in the posts but is pretty much a simple Full Moon. For another thing, at the time of this Full Moon the Western Hemisphere is mostly daylight putting the Moon on the other side of the planet, well out of sight. At a Full Moon, the Moon is on the other side of the Earth from the Sun. Sacrobosco's illustration, first appeared in 1220 and his book (borrowing heavily from Arab scholars) was used as an astronomy textbook at the University of Paris and throughout Europe for the next 450 years.
In an effort to ease the reading for those not interested in background details, you will find a few "endnotes," a number in parentheses. If you want the details right off, scroll down to the same number near the end of the blog post.

Let's look at current eclipses (well one anyway). Moon opposite the Sun means you'd view a lunar eclipse at night, or possibly at moon-rise-sunset. In north and Central America, the April eclipse happens in the day time! You can't see the eclipse because it's on the other side of the globe. In Madagascar you'd see as much eclipse as anywhere but it still would look not so different from an ordinary Full Moon because the Moon only gets the teeniest bit of Earth's penumbral (secondary, not the dark part) shadow; not so special or spectacular.
See the shaded area, NO ECLIPSE VISIBLE. So why share "so people can enjoy"? People believe stuff they find on the Internet. Watch out for silliness.
Quite misleading
Incredibly misleading

Astronomically the Full Moon/Eclipse is a very close alignment and the geophysical effects will be in evidence; very high tides, more severe quakes and volcanism, and probably some extreme weather events. Eclipse effects are not only at a particular moment but affect a window of time (say a week before to a couple of weeks after). It is already clear that geophysical effects have occurred and will likely be with us for a few more days.

How maximum eclipse really looked..
Compare the reality with the silly pictures.
Astrologically, eclipse effects are reflected at least as widely as the geophysical window, and since this time is so charged, so active, so riled up, it fits in and enhances the geophysical picture and the astrological version will be with us for weeks to come (longer than the geophysical).
This is what an Annular Eclipse looks like, IF you are on it's path under it near the time of totality. In Hawai'i (only US location that will see it) we'll get about 40% at maximum eclipse.
The April Full Moon is the first of a series of three eclipses that occur bing-bang-boom: May 10, there's an Annular (ring of fire) Solar Eclipse (also something not visible in North America; but Hawai'i will get a partial display); then another Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 25, and, like the April 25 eclipse very unspectacular in terms of a show. (1) 
Three eclipses followed by SuperMoons in June and July keep the Sun/Moon part of the astrological and geophysical picture hopping! That's of course in addition to the once in a lifetime wildness we have in the sky these days. (2)

Same eclipse. Different locations.
Looking at the April 25 chart, the Sun/Moon opposition is in Taurus/Scorpio. This is the Wesak Moon, the Full Moon in Scorpio is associated with Buddha, his birth, his enlightenment, and his mahasamadhi (his merging with the One). If you like connecting with millions of others in meditation, remember the Full Moon when the Sun's in Taurus, Wesak.

There's been a lot of hot Aries and Mars at play (Boston bombing, West, TX explosion, much more), that's tweaked the Uranus/Pluto square which characterizes this Age (transformation of the structure). The planet hasn't seen this stage of that cycle since 1876-1877. (3) This time, the same stage of the cycle occurs in 2012-2015 with even more focus on the cosmic renovation that's happening with an exuberant emancipation versus the conventional order which just happens to be in the process of restructuring; that sees both endings and beginnings ala the phoenix arising from it's own ashes. 

Even a relatively calm lunation would be a waft of ease in stormy seas, but this isn't one of those. The Sun had just passed Mars in Aries on the 17th of April, and at this Full Moon both the Sun and Mars are with the star, Sheratan (star not hotel chain) that has a Mars/Saturn nature associated with danger, violence, and recklessness. Mars is even closer to another Mars/Saturn nature star, Mesartha. The point is, even with the Buddha and "mellower" Taurus, the heat is on for this lunation period; at least a week in advance and until the next New Moon which is the Annular Solar Eclipse May 10. Appropriate clichés that I love; "No rest for the wicked," and, "It's not over 'til it's over." [Bad, bad, bad. Good writers don't use clichés. So spank me.]
One of the highlights of this Full Moon is the Sun in a productive relationship of sympathy with Pluto. This suggests a period for working with the inevitable makeover that's active in the social, political, and business order; the order that is in flux. It's an opportunity to help shape that order to a more humanitarian end, or at least to resolve not to be caught and carried along with currents that are unsupportive of what you know and feel is right. Speaking of feeling this is also a time we see Saturn (the structure) and Neptune (the dream) in harmony; another marker for participating in a beautiful change, in the creation of a more ideal social, business, and political order.

Let's look at the chart set for D.C. That gives some hints about how things are going in the seat of government that affects the world,  as did Rome in the days of Rome's Empire. There is the mix again of the huge challenges and heavy lifting that needs to happen but is being avoided in Washington. The clowns there just hope "it" (insert whatever) goes away. The ha-ha "Sequester" is an example. By not doing, however, they are doing. There really is no stopping Uranus/Pluto sorts of makeover (2012-2015 at least). The emphasis is as one would expect with two money Signs, Taurus and Scorpio, emphasized and reemphasized by House{*} (astrobabble, not Congress) position.

The economic picture continues to dominate, no matter the tragedy and circuses hyped by the dull and stupid mass media. There's hope, at the top of the chart set for the White House is the star, Rigel, and one of my notes for that says, "gentle peace." This is the part of the chart concerned with the leader, the President, the chief executive. So, it looks good for the White House and Obama. The astrologer Mollie Summer once offered that Rigel, with the nature of Jupiter/Mars, was conjunct Jack Kennedy's Sun. It's a 1st magnitude (bright) star too, and seems to have a positive influence. Mollie said of JFK that it made his Sun stronger. In terms of our system of government this may point to a time when the President's status exceeds that of the Congress and Judiciary.

* Houses are the way the "pie" of the round horoscope wheel is sliced.  The different systems reflect ideas about how to slice it.  Aside from "No Houses" there are two main systems:  Equal and Quadrant.  In the Equal systems the slices are all the same size.  In the Quadrant systems the chart is (usually) quartered by the Ascendant/Descendant and MC/IC axes.  Different quadrant systems have different ways of dividing the quarters.

There's a star associated with the Eclipse chart set in Hawai'i but not the same one or placement as that in D.C. In Hawai'i we have the star Dirah on the Ascendant. That placement has to do with the People, their attitudes and outlook on the world. Dirah is said to have an intrinsic theme like a combination of Mercury (mind, communication) and Venus (beauty, harmony). A translation out of astrobabble for that might be an active focus for the people of Hawai'i. Some possibilities include emphasis on agriculture and family. There may be creative optimism and energy directed toward solidifying cooperative efforts, like those from teams and legislative bodies. The chief executive (Governor) may seem a bit wishy-washy, idealistic, confused, or overly concerned with foreign nations and tourism. These are challenge areas anyway, powerful entities (corporate, military) have to be dealt with (or bowed to) for progress to happen. No surprise that finance is a concern in Hawai'i as it seems to be most everywhere. Things happen behind the scenes, creepy things get some sunlight (gambling), and legislative spending may be an issue. How much goes to "stimulating the economy" and how much to benefit youth, the poor, the homeless and the aging population?

There's much detail to get lost in and nits to pick but the key is to maintain your cool when in a tough situation. Practice, practice, practice, stepping back when you feel challenged; take three deep breaths when you're feeling impatient; look to the magic and beauty in life at any and every chance you get. There is always something for which you can be grateful.

The Stans continue to be in the event crosshairs in this period; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and of course Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are in the spotlight as are Oman, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The nuclear issue is a likely topic about Iran. 

Another nuclear problem child is in the Koreas. That continues as a hot spot too. Not only does it retain a tinder box quality, but we also see that Japan will most assuredly be "working things out" along the lines of all the eclipse themes discussed. Tokyo will be part of the current picture now and in the two or three weeks to come. I think they use nuclear for power down in South Africa too. I wouldn't be surprised to hear from there.

Looking at hot spots in the good "old" (48 State) USA, the West Coast gets eclipse emphasis: Washington, the Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada, with the first three being a bit more active (seismic?). Along the Mississippi River, we may hear of flooding. Easier news should come from the East Coast, including from our nation's capital.

Keep your cool. Look within for dealing with problems. Even if "the other" is the problem, it's up to you as to how much you're going to let it bother you. Much love and aloha.


(1) This time it will be better seen than the April 25 version since it will be night over a lot of the land mass that includes the western half of Africa and some of Europe (France, Spain, Portugal), all of South America, and most of North America (and Hawai'i) will see the (weak) eclipse. Sorry Alaska, you're in daylight for this one, you won't see the Moon while it's eclipsed.
(2) On Pluto in Capricorn (via this blog - risking (loss) is what Pluto in Capricorn is about. Capricorn is the order, social, governmental, business, religious, and is fundamental to how the world works. The World needs structure. It's the difference between explosive chaos, and harmony. It's a good thing, but as it becomes crystallized it needs to be broken up and restructured in order to grow, and for progress to happen. There are forces that will challenge the structure to that end. The planet will offer weather events, earthquakes, and volcanism. The human population will offer Arab Springs, Occupies, democracy, and human rights movements. The structure, that tends to resist change, includes businesses, corporations, and governments. If one looks at human history there are massive changes and developments through the ages. Are we to imagine that somehow this period will be the exception? That if we just hold on, that things will stay the same and work out?

On Uranus square Pluto and the 1960s: "now" is resonating with the same
essential nature that was operative then, only more so. [The larger scale cycle for the planets Uranus and Pluto is approximately 127 years.]

Uranus and Pluto; now we are in a developmental crisis in their cycle, the force of which was birthed in the Nineteen Sixties. See this post in Gather, then scroll down to the "Dear Claudia" commentary for a continuation of the article. [link is currently down as Gather moves but if you're interested send me an email and I'll send an updated link when I have one].

(3) 1876-1877: a very significant world-wide drought and starvation; the Colombian Civil War; the Standard Oil Trust; the most contentious, bitter, and protracted presidential election in American history; the Compromise of 1877; the Sioux War/Little Big Horn/the Apache War; the telephone; the phonograph; the End of Reconstruction; Mexican-Texas border incursions; the Great Railroad Strike of 1877; The Crimean War - 15,000 Bulgarians massacred, with the destruction of more than fifty villages and five monasteries; Russia declares war on Turkey; the Serbian insurrection of 1875 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a series of wars involving also, Thracia, Montenegro, Turkey, and Bulgaria; Bismarck's Germany; Empire; riots in numerous cities; anti-Chinese attacks in San Francisco; "Boss" Tweed; and much more.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Moon April 10, 2013

A good New Moon to you today! This is such a dynamic time; there is so much going on up in the sky that suggests independent action, making things happen, inspiration, new ideas, breakthroughs, and meeting challenges, that "there's no rest for the wicked," or even for the good.

Here's your musical accompaniment to this Full Moon phase (if not clickable, copy and paste into another tab):

There's such a strong Aries/Mars energy that it may feel as though the only way to resolve things is to bring them to a hot head and then do battle. That's just what we don't need to do. What is needed is to foster understanding. It is a time to act to act with love, a time to act with consideration. There should always be some reason, some sense of right action prior to setting the wheels in motion.

Our cosmic lovers are together in the sky, less than two degrees apart. They are in Aries of me, me, me and the self, but they are together; Venus and Mars together; suggesting that there is a place of harmony, there is a place where decisions can be made that accurately reflect and respect both sides of an issue. The time is now. The time for action is now.

More serious astrobabble begins here. The timing of the New Moon sees it occur at 11:35 PM on the 9th in Hawai'i while on the Mainland the times are for the 10th: 5:35 AM Eastern and 2:35 AM Pacific. As with all New and Full Moon lunar alignments the pull of gravity not only affects the tides but also increases the chance of geologic events (earthquakes and volcanoes). While those aren't guaranteed, these are often times of an increase in the number and strength of those. The Moon crosses over Mars and Venus by seven hours after her conjunction with the Sun the tie-in that I mentioned to Venus/Mars themes. (Venus joined Mars already on the evening of April 6.)

The very powerful Aries theme comes from half of the ten principal astrological factors all in that Sign: Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus; and there is a triggering effect by emphasis on the Sign to the generational Uranus/Pluto square that marks this epoch in history (Uranus is in Aries until 2018-19).


Setting the chart for the White House emphasizes the US/THEM factor and the restlessness for action that comes of all this Aries. Aries is an intrinsic challenge to the Cancer National identity and looks for what's new even at the expense of the homeland (the XL pipeline and fracking come to mind).

There's a sense "the People" are not able to send a clear message to the leaders (if they can be called that) and in a reciprocal fashion it is a challenge for people to get a sense of reliability from the President. The confusion from legislative bodies continues unabated. The pendulum is heavily on the side of the leadership to the expense of those governed. From the leadership standpoint however the crises include trying to communicate with and understand the demands of the public and of open enemies. In a strange parallel, the government dealing with North Korea is much like the government dealing with the public, with public opinion. Chew on that one for a bit. If you can, have some pity for Kim Jong-un and for Congress and the Executive, all feeling a need to act but unable to get a clear sense of what is to be done. The scary part is this call to action that Aries brings. Individually the right choice involves restful connection to inner guidance, compassion, love and beauty. One can only hope and pray that persons with fingers on triggers, whether fiscal and legislative, or overtly military, will be moved by inner guidance rather than a sense of appearing strong via impetuous action.

Fortunately the news enjoys some elements of truth for a change, at least when reporters and whistle-blowers aren't being jailed or pilloried for the secrets they disclose. The fiscal picture remains in a retrograde motion if I can use that word in a non-planetary sense here (not entirely the case but too much to explain). There's more biting the bullet that will go on with the sequester as more of it is felt, and some of it even winds up being embraced as some spending cuts are appreciated (Pentagon?). Finance continues as a lesson area nationally and personally.


The emphasis for the Islands is primarily on the homeland, of the wealth of the earth (which includes the seas). There's a sense of taking action that really needs cooperation to incorporate good ideas with the needs of the people, the constituents. Some of the testing areas are about energy as Hawai'i strives for energy independence. Even the "green" forms of energy generation have their problems. The homeland emphasis also points to a need for environmental protections (air, land, and water). Harm due to antiquated growing practices for sugar cane, and the need to preserve agriculture and jobs while still cleaning up the farming act. That leads further to concerns expressed by many for a non-examined embrace of agriculture that embraces GMO and "Round-up Ready" crops. Other obvious land, property, homeland, and roots concerns revolve around developing sacred lands and with disturbing cultural artifacts and burials as happens with development and on Oahu with constructing the high speed rail.


For this New Moon period, the key is to take action but with concern and balance, with the goal of achieving understanding of and respect for varying viewpoints. We know that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.


April will see a partial lunar eclipse on the 25th. The Lunar Eclipse is more an astrological/astronomical factor than something to look at. The weaker, penumbral shadow of the Earth will clip the moon a bit. It will probably not even be noticeable to most viewers. Astrologically, it's a different story; we will not see the intensity of the times lessen. This probably opens the biggest window of the month for events, geophysical (especially with Moon closest to Earth, perigee, on the 27th) and otherwise. Even as the eclipse happens with Sun, Mars, and Venus in sensual and earthy Taurus, the heat is still there with Venus, Mars, and the Sun within ten degrees of one another (sky-wise that is about the same amount of space as that taken by your fist held out to arm's length). Mars and Venus so near the Sun will not be visible under the Sun's rays. We'll take a look at that in depth later on. For the time being we'll just be aware that there really won't be much of a rest period this entire lunar cycle. The next New Moon is an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 9.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon March 2013

Full Moon March 2013

I haven't directly connected with many people at this Full Moon but I've noticed some excitement as well as a sense of challenge and frustration in those I have seen. A Facebooker commented that my note that this Moon suggests a need for harmony was met with a bit of understandable skepticism.

The axis of the Full Moon, Moon on one side of the Earth, Sun on the other, is Aries Sun and Moon in Libra. That's ME, Aries, balanced against WE, Libra. The "me side" is tremendously energized and that in itself needs balance. We do better when we are not, or do not feel alone.

What is going on in the astrological picture these days is bigger than huge. I've been writing about this time in current history since the last century, so large are the changes at hand. When I began writing about this time, it was all speculation (on solidly based astrology). Now, we're there, and it's time to move through and WITH the processes at work. The Full Moon is a little thing, but an important link with the big picture. So we have Aries and Libra, the Self and the Other, in an emphasis, during this period of monstrous change, for culture, society, governmental structures, and the very life of planet Earth.

For a success, we start within, Aries, the Self, and bring that self into harmony with the Other, Libra. This is a key to how we need to move through this period of transition, this time of creation of a new world. There are "sides" at work here and what will NOT work is investing heart and body on one side or the other. That's the message of this Full Moon. In order to make it work we have to develop the understanding, and even compassion, for and with the selfish (negative Aries) and the fearful. It should not be missed that the most reactionary, antagonistic, and greedy, are that way primarily out of fear, fear of the Other, fear of change.

Risking (loss) is what Pluto in Capricorn is about. Capricorn is the order, social, governmental, business, religious, and is fundamental to how the world works. It's a reliable and needed thing. It's the difference between explosive chaos, and harmony. It's a good thing, but as it becomes crystallized it needs to be broken up and restructured in order to grow, to progress; and there are forces that will challenge the structure to that end. The planet will offer weather events, earthquakes, and volcanism. The human population will offer Arab Springs, Occupies, democracy, and human rights movements. The structure, that tends to resist change, includes businesses, corporations, and governments. If one looks at human history there are massive changes and developments through the ages. Are we to imagine that somehow this period will be the exception? That if we just hold on, that things will work out?

Astrology is about the perfect harmony that is possible. Every astrological factor has a balancing factor, and enhancements, and supports. With astrology we always have guidance and suggestion. Do we somehow sidestep the chaos that way? Sorry, no. If there's an avalanche, or a tsunami, that may be it, or perhaps not. We cannot predict the outcome as much a get a sense of the territory we will traverse, of the weather (figuratively as well as literally).

A Full Moon is about awareness. Notice the things that have come to the fore with this Full Moon. The Supreme Court is considering the Defense of Marriage Act, which allows States to deny the right of marriage to LGBT persons. If that isn't a Libra matter I don't know what is. Libra is the Sign of marriage and of the Seventh House, the marriage and partnership place of the horoscope. The awareness quality of a Full Moon is also brought out today by the news of the appropriations bill slipping through a stealth permission for the biotech industry to carry on unregulated. That means they're able to avoid the scrutiny of the USDA and the courts and to go ahead with genetic modification experiments that threaten farmers and the food supply, not to mention the health of consumers.

I look at the chart for lunations set for the White House to get a sense of how the lunation affects the country as a whole, and particularly for what it says about government and political matters, domestic and international. Then I look at the chart set for where I live, because. Starting with D.C., three of this charts factors have a "hit" on D.C.

The Full Moon set for the White House


Among the ways astrologers can focus the chart of an astronomical event that represent the atmosphere for the entire planet, is to set the charting for a specific location. An interpretation of that chart can them be used for a particular area.

To get a sense of how the processes represented in the Full Moon chart apply to the country as a whole, I look at a chart that shows the event of the New Moon in Washington, D.C.  Two things strike me particularly in the D.C. setting (our government, the chief executive, the congress, the court). One is the continued and unsurprising indication of matters financial; the resources and values of the nation, financial well-being (or lack of it), the treasury, the banks, money that's owned and invested in behalf of the country. That is on the see-saw axis with money owed, foreign debt, taxation, insurance, where resources are shared or tied in "outside" as the financial support given to other nations (e.g. Israel, et al.), and with world banks. Not all of that end is about money however, here we are also concerned with life, particularly the casualties of war, but also of sexual matters (of course those relate to birth), death, and the mysteries of life, what is hidden and secret (as much of finance is, e.g. money has no value per se, it is the belief there is value that makes it so).

It is easy to see the relevance and timeliness that the astrological model provides here, but it's more difficult to arrive at an application of the information. Sometimes there may be a relatively clear answer to questions, but in this time the questions are big ones. Does the government continue financing war and acting as the world police, that is causing not only crushing debt, but costing lives and the reputation of the nation? The Cardinal Signs in emphasis Aries, Libra, and Capricorn all challenge the Cardinality of our Cancer nation. The astrology of these times is reflective of massive and global restructuring.

The second item that I find in focus in the lunation set for Washington is keyed to the "homeland," to our real estate, resources, market values, land values, farming, agriculture, the property of the people, personal and public as well. It also represents the "opposition Party." That last I'm not certain that plays out since while one Party seems to control the Executive and Senate, the other Party controls the House, and Court (and is making very large gains in States' governments). The location in focus also includes the "waters," oceans, sees, rivers, lakes and what is sometimes symbolized by water, secret depths, and ownership of all of these.

The focus with this second item is benevolent. There's a sense that the understanding that would support the poles of an argument may be ameliorated by communication and sharing that leads to understanding. Needed and suggested is a resolution of polarity not by denial but by finding common ground. It is not a big surprise to me when I see the extreme Right wing in support of causes generally presumed the province of the Left; as in the Libertarian notion to end our foreign involvements and the Left's support of bringing troops home and cutting military spending. What is called for, what the horoscope suggests, is healing of separation via shared humanity and concerns. The short term solutions to a need for jobs sometimes suggests abandoning environmental concerns as with the XL pipeline and hydraulic fracturing, but most every parent hopes for a healthy future for his/her children and that those children will enjoy the natural beauty that the parent experienced during his/her childhood. That's just one example, the more effort that is made to find what is "like me" in the opposition, the more chance of a sane progress is possible. Most religions are about peace in their foundations but are the source of so much violence throughout history. This is an epochal time. Change is inevitable, positive change will come from education and understanding.

The lunation chart only shows what is, and what is, is not easy. The pangs of the birth period we are in last for years. When I wrote the article some years ago about this time my suggestion was for the period "May 2007 through March 2020, nearly 13 years of effect, actual or symbolic, as you would have it." We are in the heat of it now.

The Full Moon Set for Hawai'i


Setting the Full Moon chart for Hawai'i gives us a different orientation; an emphasis on leaders on one hand and the aina, the homeland, on the other. The fiery Aries, Martian, element on the homeland reflects the threats from North Korea as well as concerns for preservation. Here, jobs vs. environment are not quite like the mainland challenge, and yet it is very much the same. Do we preserve the oceans, reefs, and fish, or do we allow practices that harm them in order to preserve jobs? Do we work to preserve clean air, water, and soil? Is there a way to do both? Once again, the suggestion is of dialog. In Hawai'i it is increasingly important for the people to consider the big picture, the long term, the keiki, and to communicate with, and work with and watch, the behavior of elected leaders, from the Governor, to the Mayor, to the County Council. Of course the representatives in Washington need attention too, but it is on the local level that Hawai'ians need to focus in order to influence the big picture. Hawai'i's dependence on oil is more so than for any other State. The power of corporations is no less here than on the national scene. We can work for the benefit of the people, or allow business to control and own, as they have since plantation days.

Hawai'ians can increasingly feed corporate investors by accepting monopoly control of things like energy and communication, or can encourage legislators to support home grown business, agriculture, and trade. For Hawai'i it is time to make the voice of the people heard. Real media will support the effort, not the canned silliness from the mainland. There is real programming to be had, but the bottom line is the cost, and as long as we accept it, we get the cheap. How about news that matters for growth, change, and development? Every day it's who drowned, someone saw a shark, someone was stabbed, a house burned, a bicyclist was run over, and views of Honolulu traffic that affects only a small segment of the population. It's time for the people to learn the issues that are decided out of view and make their thoughts known. We can't do that with media focused day after day on "if it bleeds, it leads." The resolution of matter of two years of teachers without a contract might have been resolved in days or weeks instead of years if all the discussion was available, as if it mattered, instead we get Kardashians from the mainland.

The Full Moon charting suggests some good legislative luck that fits with that contract resolution. It looks like there's potential for some genial getting along, for confidence and optimism from the Islands that's especially reflected in the international tourist trade, increasing from Down Under, Japan, Korea, China, and their neighbors. The outlook is good for leaders to influence and inspire.

In terms of where this all comes from, you may want to stop reading now because I decided to put the astrology at the end. I know that some just like to hear the story and don't care where the story comes from.


I've been looking at, and writing about charts for lunations (New and Full Moons) since I wrote the Astrology page in the Berkshire Eagle's Sunday "Sampler" in the 1970s. While I may have missed studying a few Full Moon charts since then, I can't recall any which struck me as does this horoscope for this Full Moon. I know that's astro-babble; always the struggle in writing about astrology, how to say something useful.

Let me begin with an attempt to untangle some understandable English from this. Astrologers look for the New Moon to tell about the month (cyclical, not calendar) until the next New Moon. The peak periods of the entire cycle come with the First Quarter, the Full Moon, and the Last Quarter. What's cool is that you can see all of these except the New Moon in the sky (the New Moon occurs with the Moon between Earth and the Sun and is obscured by the Sun's radiance - unless it's one of the rare New Moons where the Moon aligns so closely as to eclipse the Sun). The astrologer looks at these frozen moments, 0º New, 90º First Quarter, 180º Full, 270º Last Quarter, and charts each of the four for information. The biggest deal is New, then Full, then the Quarters. I wrote about the last New Moon and am skipping the Quarter Moons but will look at the Full.

I've read letters from some people who don't want any astronomy in their astrology. "Just give me the interpretation, Tim." I have to avoid that because it is important to distinguish what I do from what a fortune teller does. My interpretation is actually the translation of a precise moment in our solar system, not from some feeling or sense or voice of an Indian Guide. Maybe I'll put a chart or two in this to show you what I translate.

This is the most dynamic Full Moon charting that I can ever recall seeing. What that points out to us, the translation, is how remarkable and perhaps important this time is for everyone; everyone, because the entire planet experiences lunations. Some are going to be felt more strongly by individuals, nations, etc., than others, but this one has some universal characteristics that point out an important time for our planet and everything on it.

Those who've been following my work and writing know that I've been writing for years about this time period we are in now. That's particularly in reference to the cycle of two planets that have been dramatic actors in the times of my life that were also dramatic, for me, and for the world. I'm speaking of the 1960s. This time we are in now, is resonating with the same energetic that was operative then, only more so. [The larger scale cycle for the planets Uranus and Pluto is approximately 127 years.] This Full Moon links with those two planets in an immediate and powerful way, not only via the Sun and Moon on opposite sides of the earth, but also by other factors in the solar system active simultaneously. I will not attempt to include and delineate everything in the chart but just a few that seem especially apropos to this period (New Moon March 11, next New Moon April 9, 2013).

Venus, Sun, Uranus and Mars are together in just over 5° of one another, all in the hot, fiery, Sign of beginnings, Aries. They are all four opposite the Moon and at a right angle with Pluto. The suggestion is about a process of development, of breaking away to create something new. The Moon is also 90° from Pluto, really 270° from when she crossed over Pluto on March 6. What she asks for in this sky message is for us to learn to integrate our feelings and needs with the deep transformation that is at hand. It requires more than observation but also inner work along the lines of "to accept the things I cannot change." There are great sociopolitical processes at work, simply look at the news today (oh, boy).

The July 22, 2011 bombing and massacre in Oslo occurred with Mars triggering the Uranus/Pluto 90° square that defines these times astrologically (Rudhyar, "crisis in action"). Mars-inspired events are likely in this period as well although I do accept the premise that shared unity of focus on peace can calm the storm, "maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

I've written elsewhere about the rare and dynamic current relationship of the planets Uranus and Pluto, how we are in a developmental crisis in their cycle, the force of which was birthed in the nineteen sixties. See this post in Gather and scroll down to the "Dear Claudia" commentary for an important continuation of the article.

This Full Moon acts as a support and a trigger to the huge marker of planetary evolution, the cycle of Uranus and Pluto, that is about revolutionary, planetary change on a massive scale. While I don't suggest they have to do with the geologic or meteorological, the Full Moon does, in and of itself since it occurs so near the Equinox with the Sun at zero declination, right smack on the Earth's equatorial plane in space, ALSO, with Venus, Moon, Mars, and Uranus also having crossed or about to cross that plane. Imagine the challenge to the juggler spinning plates as four different fruits of different sizes are placed on them.


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